Mondeor Eco School of Skills

Conventional education is supplemented with vocational skills training in one of the following specialty areas

Beauty and Nail Technology

Beauty and Nail Technology will equip those interested in following a career in the beauty industry. The learners will be taught the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes within the beauty industry, ensuring the business in which they operate runs smoothly and offers excellent customer service according to industry standards.

The learners will be exposed to the following skills: Skincare, Make-up, Manicure and Pedicure, Office Administration, Managing a salon business, Marketing and sales, Waxing, Massages, Facials etc.

It could lead to exciting career or entrepreneurial opportunities for learners and will enhance the self-image of each individual learner as they become more professional.

Early Childhood Development

Our learners have the opportunity to learn and be practically exposed to what Early Childhood Development is all about. Early Childhood development refers to the physical, psychological, cognitive and socio-emotional development that a child experience from the prenatal stage up to the age of eight.

This gives the learner the freedom to choose if they have a passion to work with children and offers them an opportunity to pursue it as a career after school.


This subject will equip the learner with the necessary skills, training experience and confidence for a career in hairdressing.

The training involves: washing and head massages, roller setting, finger waving, tinting and colouring, braiding and dreadlocks, perming, styling (e.g. up styles), cutting men’s and women’s hair etc.

Theoretically they will learn all the important facts and information about the above skills, as well as learning about proper customer relations, salon management and retail products.

Hairdressing will prepare students for a lifelong career in the hairdressing industry.


Hospitality provides the learner with both theoretical and practical skills to operate as an assistant in the fields of food preparation, food service or accommodation in the various hospitality establishments. This course integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical skills and values.

We cultivate a positive attitude towards the Hospitality Industry and teach the learners the importance of proper customer/ guest relations. We are also passionate about creating beautiful and delicious food.


Maintenance as a subject covers the skills and knowledge required to repair and do maintenance work at a basic level.

It focusses on the household and small construction environments and covers subjects like Metalwork, Mechanical Maintenance, Woodwork, Plumbing, Electrical Maintenance, Painting, Waterproofing, Glazing, Building, Plastering, Flooring, and Tiling.

Career opportunities with a foundation in Maintenance include but is not limited to General Handyman, Maintenance Manager/Assistant, Buildings Manager, Self-Employment.

Further studies at a technical college will broaden career opportunities in any of the fields and subjects covered by our school.

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